Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Can we think of the world without Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or other Social sites?

By Muneer Shamee

Our world is always changing just like social media and advance technology captures billions and billions of peoples around the world. Digital world or social media is an online network where people share and interact with each other through mobile phones, laptops and computers. Social media is good for society, sharing thought and feeling, good platforms for news, articles, blogs and express environment of diversity. An average Indian spend 5 to 6 hours per day on social media. 

Social Media like Facebook, WhatApp, youTube, wikipedia, WeChat, Skype and Twitter is a great world of communication with friends, families and way of enhancing knowledge, business or social connections through social sites. We can share our ideas, messages and thoughts with a single click. It provides an opportunity to remain in touch with persons irrespective of region and religion. Social media is way of increasing personal or professional knowledge and wisdom, helps in decision making by modern technical skills. It is more convenient than traditional means of communication and reduces our precious time and money. Teachers, professionals share their knowledge and experience, students explore their answers easily and an effective way of imparting education. Through social media we can update ourselves with latest things and happenings around the world. Business companies can reach their targets very easily where customers support through online or offline. It is source of job creation in social media development and management. There is always a fear of missing out an important message or conversation all the time.

People often get addicted to the social sites  easily and very difficult to get rid of them. All time chatting wastes our time and mobile data. There is threat of private data gets leaked and get revealed. Use of mobile numbers, email address help the hackers to misuse the social sites. Many of fraudsters or miscreants misuse our bank details that results in bank scams, account hacking and cyber bullying. Social sites can hurt our feelings, emotions, opinions and misuse our photos and posts for personal or monetary gain that may ruin one’s reputations. Teenagers are most affected by the negative impact of social media, indulging in anxiety, lack of attention and several health related issues. In the digital world we have lack of real friends and our real people. It also effects our sleeping patterns which results in decreased productivity, causes distraction and facilitates laziness.

We all know that every coin has two sides- Heads and Tales, similarly there are good and bad effects of social media. Social networking has a massive impact on our lives, it can’t be ignored.  It fosters empathy, speedy way of transmission, make the world narrower, helps in building relationship. After all social media is very useful platform, but we must be aware of its dangerous and disadvantages it provides us. We should balance in our activity while studying, entertaining and playing video games.

(Muneer Shamee can be reached at [email protected])

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