Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Call for increased participation of women in trade unions


Jamshedpur, Dec 26: The second and the last day of the Industrial Global Union women workshop on capacity building focused on how to encourage and increase participation of women in trade union. The program was started by recap of the first day discussion where Raghunath Pandey hosted the session.

Moving ahead with the program discussions were held on Time Management where the participants were informed about the importance of time in the current scenario the session was hosted by James Davis who is the advisor to MD, Tinplate Co.

Human Resources manager of a leading MNC Ms Geeta Khan focused on team building and work in unity to move forward with your goals.

Group work and discussions were held on how to encourage and increase participation of women in trade union where Shailesh Pandey, gen Sec. (JSMMEU) educated the participants on how to build leadership qualities and make more and more women aware of their rights and participation in trade unions.

National chairperson of Industrial Global Union Devika Singh said women were unaware of their due rights at workplace and hence they are being neglected by the management. Singh also informed the participants how women are more affected at workplace. Women should also get participation in the decisive committee of the union. This demand was raised vociferously during the conference. The women should not be merely taken as donors for the union, added Singh.

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