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Bomb blast in Jamshedpur, one dead, two injured seriously


Jamshedpur, Dec. 19: Panic gripped densely-populated Dimna Bustee after one person died and two others were grievously injured in an explosion. The blast took place at a house at Dimna Bustee under Ulidih police station area in Mango on Saturday morning. Soon after the mishap the police was forced to focus on whether the explosion was triggered due to manufacturing of country-made bombs or due to an LPG cylinder blast.

The injured Nakul Kumbhkar, Bhubaneswar Kumbhkar, and Vishwanath Kumbhkar were rushed to Tata Main Hospital.

According to information, the right hand of Bhubaneswar was severed due to the explosion while Vishwanath and Nakul sustained grievous injuries in the face and in their eyes. Vishwanath Kumbhkar succumbed to the injuries.

Significantly, while the police are yet to determine whether the explosion was caused either during manufacturing of country-made bombs or gas cylinder, the family members of Bhubaneswar Kumar claimed that the explosion took place while the trio were carrying out repair of an electronic gadget by soldering it.

“It is too early to comment what led to the blast. We suspect that the injured were involved in manufacturing of some explosive. However, a thorough investigation is so,” said a police official.  

The incident took place at the residence-cum-shop of Bhubaneswar Kumar at Uppar Tola in Dimna Bustee at about 11.30 am.

The official went on to inform that the explosion took place inside the closed shop, causing the locality to rock. The sound was so huge that the residents were gripped with fear. Soon the neighbours who were apprehensive of unknown danger gathered outside the house of Bhubaneswar Kumar as the shutter of the shop at the front side of the house was closed.  

As the family members raised their voices, Bhubaneswar Kumar cried for help, the neighbours broke open the shop’s shutter to find the three youths lying in a pool of blood.  The neighbours immediately arranged a car and rushed them to Tata Main Hospital.

In the incident there has been no major damage to property. The area near the blast was cordoned off and movement of traffic restricted, police said.

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