Friday, December 1, 2023

Black marketing of government food grains exposed in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur. On the disclosure of black marketing of government food grains, former National Secretary of Youth Congress Jyotish Yadav said that a delegation of Congress will go to Ranchi to meet the Food Supplies Minister Dr Rameshwar Oraon and will submit a memorandum demanding a case of accumulating more assets than income.

In a press release issued by Congress leader Jyotish Yadav on Sunday, he thanked East Singhbhum District Deputy Commissioner Suraj Kumar, who made a team on the information of Congress leaders and caught the black marketing of government food grains. Congress leaders Rahul Goswami, Aamir Sohal, Abhijit Singh also assisted in exposing the grain scam.

According to Congress leader Jyotish Yadav, confidential information was being received continuously for the last one month that black marketing of government food grains is being done from the government godown on a large scale through the appointed office bearer of the warehouse. In which lakhs of rupees are being spent. When the grain scamster got concrete information, then the complaint of this scam and rigging was made to the Deputy Commissioner of the district, Suraj Kumar.
Congress leader Jyotish Kumar further said that food grains were also collected under the supervision of the AGM of the godown, which certifies that grains in excess of stock were found in the godown. Jyotish Yadav said that there seems to be a culture of rigging food grains and doing a grand scam, which has been going on since the tenure of the BJP government.It will not be allowed to run in the Congress coalition government at any cost. The corrupt officials who looted Jharkhand should leave their service, give a chance to honest youth to serve the public by doing jobs.

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