Saturday, December 2, 2023

BJP ST Morcha president strongly condemns JMM leader’s statements against PM Modi’s visit

Ranchi, Nov 16: Sameer Oraon, the national president of BJP ST Morcha, has vehemently criticized JMM leader Supriyo Bhattacharya for his recent statements regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Ulihatu. Oraon described Bhattacharya’s remarks as “unrestrained and unconstitutional” and suggested that the JMM leader should be treated for what he called a “deranged mentality.”

Oraon defended Prime Minister Modi, stating that he is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Ulihatu and pay respects to Birsa Munda. He expressed bewilderment over JMM’s objection to this gesture and criticized the party’s stance on declaring the birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda as Tribal Pride Day. Oraon emphasized that after 75 years of independence, the BJP is committed to initiating schemes worth Rs 24,000 crore for the tribal community, addressing their basic needs.

The BJP ST Morcha president addressed JMM’s concerns about the Prime Minister’s visit potentially disrupting state governance, stating that if such thinking exists, a constitutional remedy is necessary. He deemed it entirely unconstitutional to label an event attended by the Governor, Chief Minister, and the state’s administrative machinery as disturbing. Oraon called for Chief Minister Hemant Soren to clarify the JMM’s position on Bhattacharya’s statements.

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