Tuesday, December 5, 2023

BJP demands rail link at Patamda

Jamshedpur: BJP leader Hari Mukhi who had twice contested the Assembly elections from the Jugsalai constituency, led a delegation to meet the Chakradharpur rail division Manager to demand a rail link at Patamda.

At the meeting, the BJP delegation stated that Patamda farmers earned their livelihood by selling their produce at places like Jamshedpur, Chandil, Purulia and other distant places. Their only mode of transport was bicycles. Mukhi pointed out that quite a number of such farmers had lost their lives in accidents in the past years.

The delegation stated that Potka villagers had to travel to Chandil from where they had to catch trains for different destinations. These difficulties necessitated a rail link at Patamda on the Chandil-Purulia route.

The BJP delegation reasoned that the introduction of the rail link would ease the travel conditions of the Patamda residents and would also prove to be a boon for farmers who cover long distances on bicycles. �The rail link will help farmers to market their produce in areas like Chandil, Purulia, Jamshedpur, Ghatshila, Dhalbhumgarh and Jhargram,� Hari Mukhi contended.

The demand for a rail link in Patamda is being raised since quite some time. Parliamentarian Bidyut Mahto has raised the issue in Parliament and is making efforts to put Patamda on the railway map.

The BJP delegation led by Mukhi included Rajesh Behra, Atamlu Mukhi, Sashi Mukhi, Suresh Mukhi and others.

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