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BJP demands compensation to kin of deceased security guard

Jamshedpur, May 7: Demanding adequate compensation for the kin of the deceased security guard who was found lying dead under mysterious condition at the pit of an elevator in an apartment near Dimna Chowk on Saturday night, BJP delegation headed by Vikas Singh and Sandhya Nandi and his family members met OC, MGM Police station Imdad Ansari on Sunday. Police officer assured the BJP leaders of providing the same.

Significantly, a 35-year-old private security guard was found lying dead under mysterious condition at the pit of an elevator in an apartment near Dimna Chowk under MGM thana area in Mango late Saturday night. The security guard was identified as Arjun Mishra. He was a handicapped and a bachelor. The incident took place at the four-storeyed Abhilasha Complex along the NH-33 close to Dimna Chowk.

Though the body bore marks of injuries, but the police maintain it to be a case of accidental death. The police have recovered the body and sent it to the MGM Medical College mortuary for post-mortem.

Mishra who used to stay with his uncle at a slum in Mango was the sole security guard at the residential complex.

” It is really shocking. Last night the power line to the apartment snapped. As there was darkness all around, I was searching for Mishra who used to have the key of the generator room. But when he could not be traced some of the residents informed the security agency so that a guard may be sent to the building for service,” narrated a resident.
On going to the pit, a guard saw it was coming from a cell-phone which was lying beside a body. It was Mishra’s body and he was found dead.”

OC, MGM Police station Imdad Ansari said this to be a case of accident though they have sent the body for a post-mortem.

The residents of the Abhilasha Complex and also the owners of shops on the ground floor are anxious to know the exact reason behind the way the security guard died in the lift’s pit.

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