Monday, March 20, 2023

Bike rider killed in road mishap at Bhuiyandih


Jamshedpur : A 35-year-old man, Sachin Kalindi was killed as the bike he was riding came under a truck at Nandnagar. He died on the spot.

Traffic movement was blocked Agrico-Sitaramdera Road and Mango bridge for three hours as local residents put up a blockade at Litti Chowk at Bhuiyandih to protest a fatal road mishap under Sidhgora police station area this morning. The mishap took place at about 9.15 am and the residents put up the blockade at 9.30 am. 

The blockade was cleared at around 12.30 pm after the deputy superintendent of police (city) K N Chowdhury and officers-in-charge of Sidhgora and Sitaramdera police stations Sambhunath Gupta and  Sushil Kumar Chowdhury intervened the protesters that  administration will pay  Rs 10,000 from the contingency to the dependents for performing last rites.

Officer-in-charge, Sidhgora police station, Sambhunath Gupta who had confronted the protestors tried to convince them that there was no provision of compensation by the administration, but they did not listen to his plea and remained adamant on their demand. 

“The situation is grave. Every day an incident is reported we have no choice but to block road in protest. This road has not been repaired for more than two years. The potholes make it difficult to commute especially on the several meters stretch due to numerous potholes,” said a protestor. Residents claimed that around 100 heavy vehicles carrying goods use this road daily.

Traffic went hey wire on the Main Road for several hours. Even as the city is fast acquiring the metro shape with high-rise buildings, widened roads and new markets but lack of basic facilities of roads still irk the residents of especially high rise buildings.

“This stretch witnesses huge traffic and just see the condition of road. We have to bear with angry statements of drivers, transporters and public. What can we do? We are helpless. It is very difficult to manage traffic after a heavy vehicle breaks down on the road on this stretch. Unfortunately, after rains such incidents have increased on this stretch,” said a resident.

As a result of the blockade which lasted for more than three hours, movement of vehicular traffic came to a standstill on that road.

Long queue of trucks, trailers and other vehicle, causing a jam at the Bhuiyandih Chowk. The police officer had also assured the agitators that they would recommend for setting up speed-breakers on the road so that rash driving could be checked.

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