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Bhajans permeate milieu at Jeen Mata Trayodashi Mahotsav

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Jamshedpur: The spirit of devotion among devotees on the concluding day�s program of Jeen Mata Trayodashi Mahotsav celebrations organized by Shri Jeen Mata Pariwar Jamshedpur at the Bengal Club�s air conditioned auditorium was boosted by the bhajan renditions of Kolkata artistes Jay Shankar Chowdhary and Swati Agrawal along with local singer Mahavir Agrawal.

The religious spirit was apparent when 701 women devotes were in attendance as the Jeen Shakti Mangal Path commenced with Sunil Snehi and Aradhana Shukla from Kanpur reciting from the holy scripture. The women were dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire with churni wrapped around each of them. They danced in religious ecstasy as bhajans were sung by the Kanpur artistes between their recitations of the Mangal Path.

The guests on the occasion included president of Jeen Mata Parivar Ranchi Om Prakash Agrawal and SCCI president Ashok Bhalotia. The guests were presented flower bouquets, Mata�s dupatta and a statuette of Jeen Mata.

The highlights on the occasion was the flower d�cor of Mata�s throne by craftsmen from Kolkata, the Shri Jeen Mangal Path, the Mother�s attractive getup, the 108 meters churni offered to Jeen Mata, Divya Akhand Jyot and the 56 varieties of food offered to the Deity and distribution of the consecrated food among 2,500 devotees present.

The organizing committee that ensured the success of this religious program included founder Shambhu Khanna, president Bajrang Lal Agrawal, Natwar Singhania, Vinod Khanna, Sunil Debuka, Raj Kumar Ringasia, Pramod Khanna, Omprakash Meghotia, Anant Jhajharia, Manish Khanna, Asish Khanna, Mahi Agrawal, Santi Agrawal, Kamal Chintu Agrawal, Shyam Sunder Khandelwal, Suresh Khemka, Manoj Khanna and other members of the Jeen Mata Pariwar.

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