Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Banks to keep eye on transactions over Rs 1 lakh during polls

Jamshedpur: East Singhbhum district administration will be keeping an eye on transactions exceeding Rs 1 lakh in banks ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in a bid aimed at preventing misuse of money during polls.

The deputy commissioner Dr Amitabh Kaushal held a meeting with the district coordinators of 29 banks including the lead bank on Thursday and directed them to keep tab of all transactions exceeding Rs 1 lakh in compliance with the instructions of the Election Commission of India. He said the banks should especially keep an eye on dubious transactions which could be investigated for their purpose and links.

Informing the district coordinators about the ECI guidelines, he said the banks should keep an account of the transactions entered into by the account holders and make a report on the same. The reports on dubious transactions should be given to the returning officer-cum-DC for immediate action.

The DC said an email ID will be provided to the bank coordinators so that they may intimate the administration officials about dubious transactions. The official designated especially for the purpose will forward the information to the DC.

The administration will also keep track of transactions by any account holder two months before the publication of election notification. If any account holder engages in any transfer through RTGS, the bank will have to give information about him to the DC and other officials concerned.

In a bid to ensure strict implementation of the guidelines given by the ECI, the district administration has set up a flying squad comprising 28 members. The members will be deputed Assembly constituency-wise. They will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the ECI norms under the Model Code of Conduct throughout the polls.

Video surveillance teams will also assist the officers to keep an eye on violators of the Model Code of Conduct. Assistant expenses observers have also been nominated by the DC to ensure that no candidate exceeds the maximum expenditure limit set by the ECI.

In order to ensure foolproof security at the airport and to prevent any possible use of air route for misuse of money during the polls, the DC visited the Sonari Airport with SDO Dhalbhum Prem Ranjan and talked to security personnel over safety norm compliance. The SSP AV Homkar was also there during the inspection visit.

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