Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Bank loans should serve purpose of self-reliance and should be repaid: Champai Soren

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Gamharia, Oct 27: A loan disbursement programme was organized by the Bankers’ Committee at the Auto Cluster in the industrial area. In his address Deputy Commissioner Arava Rajkamal said, “The aim of the state government and district administration is to serve the customers at the banks and attend to their banking needs. Banks should be liberal in selecting beneficiaries for various schemes and the district administration will provide all possible support.”

Bank officials present at the conclave said that the present financial scenario was riddled with challenges due to the COVID pandemic onslaught but their reassurance lay in their statement that several loan schemes including festive offers were available to tide over economic crisis.

 MP Geeta Koda, who was present on the occasion, said that the banking sector strengthened the economy by reaching out to all segments. At the same time, she discussed problems by people especially in rural areas during the COVID-19 period and appreciated the role of banks in handling the situation. Referring to the various schemes run by the banks, she observed that banks should inform the villagers about the various schemes by creating a helpline. She emphasized on providing loan facilities to women and youth.  Geeta Koda said, “There is a need to further simplify the banking sector functioning in the interest of tribal villagers so that they can also engage in pursuits of livelihood.”

  Chief Guest on the occasion, State Transport and Tribal Affairs Minister Champai Soren said that the whole country had suffered enormously due to the COVID epidemic. Talking of the present scenario, Champai Soren said, “Now the era has changed. Modernization has taken place in every industry. Earlier, lakhs of people used to be employed in big industrial concerns but with gradual modernization, the workforce has been reduced considerably. Added to that is the plight of people who continue to wither the COVID storm as they are at their wits’ end in matters of running their homes. Such people, if they avail of bank loans should evaluate their repayment capacity for loans have to be returned. Efforts on the part of bankers should also be made to provide advances and subsidies where applicable.”

Minister Champai Soren advocated promotion of cottage industry. While appreciating the Bankers’ Committee for stepping beyond the realms of big business and reaching out to the general masses, he said that it was to be ensured that the beneficiaries of loan schemes become self reliant as that was the purpose of these loans.

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