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Babulal Marandi must understand the difference between foreign intruders and local minorities: BJP

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Jamshedpur, Aug. 6 : BJP state spokesman Pratyul Shahdev has expressed strong displeasure over the statement of Babulal Marandi in which he had alleged that the Jharkhand government is trying to harass a section of people in the name of intruders. Shahdev said that Babulal ji after failing in every front, now is playing the cards of appeasement.

The senior leader said that all minority communities of Jharkhand should come forward and help in formation of National Register of Citizens Jharkhand. He added that Bangladeshi intruders even have access on the ongoing schemes for minority welfare. So obviously a large part of the local minorities’ rights are being occupied by Bangladeshi infiltrators. Shahdev said it is really unfortunate and shows that leaders are playing with vote bank politics.

Shahdev said that the time has come that the local minorities should understand that only the BJP thinks for their all-round development. The leaders of other parties do politics of appeasement and vote only. He hoped that the minority community would come forward and protest against Bangladeshi infiltrators.

Shahdev said that the allegations of the Jharkhand Vikas Morcha are baseless that in Jharkhand the people are being deprived of jobs. While the reality is that more than 80% of the local residents have been involved in any appointment and the remaining 20% of the participants are those who have been living in Jharkhand for generations.

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