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Atiuttam Shakti Durbar hosts puja, bhog distributed


Three-day religious event concludes

Jamshedpur: City-based religious organization Atiuttam Shakti Durbar Evam Parivar organized a grand three-day Kali Puja festivity from 19th to 21st October.
During the puja on the concluding day, 10 boys and as many girls were worshipped along with three �Matas� and were provided gifts. This was followed by Bhog (Prasad) distribution among the devotees who were present in large number.

The programme was organized at Jai Mata Di Awas in Harharguttu Bank Colony.
Earlier, on Thursday and Friday, Goddesses Shatchandi Mahakali and Jagatputri Rajkumari Uttameshwari Kullu Rani were also worshipped by the devotees. Maa Brahmani and Maa Kamla Rani were also worshipped on 20th October. The rituals were performed by founder of the organization Uttam Kumar.

At the religious programme, large number of devotees from Bagbera, Harharguttu, Karandih, Parsudih and Railway Colony attended the event. During the religious programme, local bhajan group Sanjay and Party (Jai Mata Di Group) were awarded programme mike set.

To make the religious event successful, Uttam Kumar, Kaushalya Devi, Radha Munni Dadi, Nirmala Devi, Rustam Kumar, Divyanshi, Kullu, Preetam Kumar and Sunita Kumari provided full support.

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