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Art, dance, music marks day 1 of Jamboree at Hill Top

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Jamshedpur: Jamboree 2018 an in house school fest began at Hill Top School on Thursday. A gala opening ceremony amidst a lively & colourful parade, balloons and confetti, executed by the students of Class 11 marked the birth of Jamboree 2018. The event comprises of 6 broad segments. Series of events have been lined up at the fest which will continue till August 11.

Art- from candle decoration and book mark making, to designing key rings, and Cover Page Designing, the participants expressed themselves with creative abandon.

In the dance segment Hindustani Semi classical to western, solo and groups, each segment had themes. The theme for Group Dance was Tribute to God.

Music- Western segment had country songs, while the eastern segment consisted of Devotional Songs. The winners were Shruti Nandi who bagged the first prize followed by Baibhavi Shree and Mayank Raj. Instrumental was conducted in three categories Category 2, Category 3, Category 4. The themes were- Category 2 – Black & White Movies songs, Category 3 � Western Classical piece and Category 4 �Elements.

Commerce- Man with a Plan (Business Plan) � The students had to make a Business plan where they had to launch any product or service by showing the entire aspects of marketing, finance, distribution, target costumer based, revenue earned and how they would keep their investors happy. There were lot of innovative products and ideas launched like Scooter suitcase, vertical farming, mobile caf� etc.

Science- Innovative concepts in Science segment included Creating Prodigies (teaching), Exploring Experiments (Live Experiments) and Innovative Prototypes.

Computers- Some new concepts designed by class 11 students of the school included Reassembling a Keyboard, Computerized Hunt, etc

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