Friday, December 1, 2023

Aqua Zumba becomes latest fitness fad for Jamshedpur

Fitness freaks beat heat with splash in pools


Imagine splashing in water while dancing to peppy tunes especially during the sweltering months of summer. Welcome to the world of Aqua Zumba.A mix of high-energy aquatic exercises has become the latest fitness fad for the steel city. While Zumba has been here from sometime, the city is quickly catching up Aqua Zumba for the first time.

Taking the lead, Fast Step, an organisation promoting lifestyle events, is playing key role in promoting Aqua Zumba by organising events at different hotels, clubs and swimming pools.  City-based Zumba experts SushantoSingha, Aparajita Apra and Riya are conducting the events. The team of experts recently conducted an event at Dolphin Club .

Known for her aquatic skills, Aparajita Apra said that there is a jump in the number of requests and enrolments in Aqua Zumba sessions. �This season Aqua Zumba has cought the fancy of the people in our city. This workout trend is becoming popular mainly because it is fun as well as effective,� she said. Aparajita further added that said that aqua zumba helps beat the heat while saving on travelling time and money.

SushantoSingha, who has been promoting Zumba in the city from past several years, said that since the weather in the city is hot and sultry, Aqua Zumba is helping beat the heat.

�It is not only fun but beneficial too. Several exercises that people find it difficult to do on the floor can easily be done in the pool. It is an effective cardio workout that loosens your muscles and helps in burning calories. Water resistance is the biggest asset in Aqua Zumba. The movements have very low-impact on joints and muscles. There are no restrictions � no age bar and even a non-swimmer can experience it,� explained Sushanto.

�When I started Zumba a few years back at Beldih Club, very few people were aware of the fitness programme. In the beginning only people from elite class enrolled themselves into it. But within few years it became popular with people from various backgrounds enjoying every move of it. Now in summers we are promoting Aqua Zumba,� says an elated Singha.

The trainers switch on the music and amidst whistles and cheers of joy and a few claps too, the fitness enthusiasts skip into the routine, following the lead of the trainers. Together they start off with a bit of hip hop, then some cardio, followed by what appears to be a belly dance, and a twist from tango.

For Rinku Mishra, Aqua Zumba was a blessing. � I was diagnosed with sciatica and the pain in my legs was annoying. But when I started practicing there was no pain when I�m in the water,� says the fitness enthusiast and a school teacher, who saw a sea of change in her fitness levels after regular sessions.

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