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Altercation over property dispute in Jamshedpur, Sikh tenant claims his turban was pulled down after forcible eviction from shop

Jamshedpur, Sept 20 : An altercation between a tenant and landlady threatened to take a serious turn in Jugsalai locality of the steel city today.

The altercation took place when Urvashi Singh, the landlady, went to collect rent from tenant Sardar Karan Singh at James House located at Chowk Bazaar in Jugsalai. The incident resulted in a physical altercation between the two.

Both the parties have leveled serious allegations against each other. While the landlady accused tenant Karan Singh of misconduct, Sardar Karan Singh alleged that Urvashi and her brothers forcibly evicted him from his shop and pulled out  his turban.

The tenant claimed that his family has a historical claim to the land under Mahavir Complex, which is currently disputed in court. However, Urvashi asserted that she was the owner of the complex and that the land belongs to her ancestors. She also claimed she possesses all the legal documents related to the property.

Urvashi had gone to collect rent when the dispute cropped up. Karan Singh, who was sitting in James House, refused to pay the rent, citing that the shop allocated to him in James House was given on rent to Swarn Singh. The altercation escalated to the point where Urvashi allegedly pushed Karan Singh out of the shop and tore his clothes. Police said they were investigating the  matter.

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