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Adolescents today need direction to excel: Ratna Choudhry

Jamshedpur, September 16: The three days Teachers Training Workshop on internationally approved Lions Quest: Skills for Adolescence started at the Nature Education Centre on Friday.

The programme was inaugurated by Nalini Mukherjee, Past District Governor, Lions Clubs International, Rajnish Kumar Centennial District Governor and Ratnakar Patnaik, Senior Divisional manager, Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Total thirty two participants, thirty one teachers from twelve schools and one Lions club member, a noted social worker is attending workshop. This is the 21st such workshop to be held on Lions Quest at Jamshedpur since 2005 which is probably highest in any country or elsewhere.

Nalini Mukherjee narrated her experience how the programme was initiated here and said after every workshop the attitude of teachers and once the students undergoes Skills For Adolescence Programme many changes in their attitudes have taken place.

She also spoke of role of parents and lack of communication amongst parents and teachers and also as well between the parents and their child.

She also highlighted the various service projects being carried out by Lions Clubs through the world and in her district and how through Lions Quest, they have brought about positive changes in the school climate and at home.

She extended her support for the cause of adolescents and all to the school management for the positive development of their students.

Ratnakar Pattnaik while inaugurating the program touched upon all the challenges that a young adolescent faces today and how slowly the value system is getting eroded. He emphasized on the role of parents, negative influence of alcohol and drugs, peer pressure, absence of role model, dwindling confidence and lack of communication amongst parents and teachers with the adolescents.

He expressed his anguish at the suicidal tendency of the adolescents which is on increase making Jamshedpur the suicidal city of the country. He appreciated the Lions Club members for their devotion and commitment to the cause of the adolescents.

Resource person from Delhi Ratna Choudhury, Senior Trainer Coach, Lions Quest gave a brief about the Lions Quest programme and the schedule of the workshop. She stressed that today�s adolescents have great talents and they need direction to excel and to fine tune their expertise.

Self Confidence, Communication, Community Service, Parents role and say no to negative pressure, realization of the changes taking within themselves and the need to create harmonious relation with peers, teachers and parents.

Rajnish Kumar, Centennial District Governor elaborated the development of the Lions Quest programme in Jamshedpur and its success stories. He felt that students are very talented today however academic pressure and lack of support from parents make them deviate and get into wrong company and in depression leading to unfortunate incident like suicide, and other negative activities.

Too much freedom from the parents also gets them trapped into wrong company.

Ratna Choudhury is being assisted by Namrata from Indore who is Trainer in making for Lions Quest. On the first day of the workshop stages of group development, reviews of seven books that have been provided to each participant, effective discipline and ask the expert is getting covered.

Tomorrow in the second day of the workshop community building, what, how and why knew it in yourself, good decision making, identifying the need and service learning will be touched upon. Arun Kejariwal, District Chairperson, Lions Quest from Ranchi coordinated the workshop and welcome the participants while Arup Ghosh, Region Chairperson extended the vote of thanks.

The inaugural session was attended by Zone Chairperson Pranati Das, Club President Nupur Das, Vandana Mishra, Secretary Dr Tapas Chatterjee, Senior Lions Vinita Shah, Sanjay Pandey, Purabi Ghosh and Biplab Ghosh.

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