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Administration takes steps to curb organized crime

Himalayan Paths

SSP submits list of criminals to DC
, Dec 18: To crack down on criminals and help reduce the number of crime in the district, DC Dr. Amitah Kaushal has decided to adopt a new way.

DC has now decided to take action against the criminals involved in the offense that took place in the district in the last five years based on data.

DC Dr. Amitabh has demanded list of offenders only after proper investigation from SDO�s of Dhalbhum and Ghatshila.

It is to be believed that noted criminals directly or indirectly are involved in the buying or selling of the property in the district, specially in Jamshedpur and make big money through it.

The administration has swell Information that people from the criminal background are involved in the encroachment work in the district.

DC has decided to start taking action against those people first who are living in that encroached land and they will be examined closely.

Dr. Amitabh further said that if those offenders are caught involved in the issue then a case will be registered against them under BPLE, along with it action will be taken to make the land free from the offenders possession.

For the same, DC Dr. Amitabh Kaushal through a letter dated November 28, 2013 to SSP, had demanded a list of all the criminals involved in crimes that happened in the last 5 years.

DC had received the full list of criminals with name, address and police station. Crime that transpired in the last 5 years includes Loot -190, Robbery-240, Ransom-7, Murder-124 and Rape- 104.

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