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Administration convenes meeting for peaceful Muharram procession

Jamshedpur, Sept. 29: The East Singhbhum district administration has made special plans in view of Muharram procession in the city. Apart from barricading of roads passing through communally sensitive areas at Sakchi, Bhalubasa, Dhatkidih, Mango and Jugsalai the no-entry of heavy vehicles would be barred for whole day on Muharram procession.

� We are taking every step to ensure that the festive season is peaceful. We are chalking out a special traffic plan keeping in view the dates of immersion and Muharram festivity in consultation with senior superintendent of police East Singhbhum Anoop T. Mathew and other senior police officials so that people are least inconvenienced,� said East Singhbhum deputy commissioner Amit Kumar.

�The magistrates and police officials of 25 zones (in terms of police stations) and six super zones (cluster of police stations) have been asked to pass on the directive of the administration regarding traffic plans to the respective Durga puja committees and Muharram akhara committees before hand to avoid confusion,� said Dhalbhum SDO Suraj Kumar.

As per the new traffic plans during the puja festivity vehicles going from Baridih and Sidhgora towards Sakchi will be diverted through Kumharpara and Baradwari Telephone Exchange Road.Those going from Sakchi and Mango towards Baridih and Sidhgora will have to pass through Bhuiyadih.

As part of tough measures to regulate traffic, Jamshedpur Police have also received wheel lockers to clamp wheels of vehicles at no parking zones.

As per the plans, only after paying the fine with the traffic police, the vehicles � be it two, three or four wheelers � can be moved away from the spot. Any attempts to move the vehicle by the owner/driver with the lock may damage the tyres.

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