Sunday, January 24, 2021

Administration auctions sand ghats

Jamshedpur : Deputy Commissioner auctioned the remaining sand ghats. However, 24 of the total endowment of 40 earlier.

At the initiative of the Department of Mining upcoming May 28 and June 1, the date of the auction has been fixed. Today’s auction of the three sand ghats at Galbhumgdh and Gudhabandha Block.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Amitabh Kaushal is overseeing the auction. Unlawful sand mining has become active along the course of the Khakai and Subarnarekha rivers Unabated excavation of sand, most of it illegal, to meet the requirements of the booming construction industry in Jamshedpur has put the officials of the Department of Mines and Geology on their toes.

Due to regular sand lifting at the place, it is causing danger even to the rivers as thousands of tonnes of sand are being lifted everyday.

The authorities concerned are at all concerned over the issue, regret local people. Moreover, depletion of water tables has rendered borewells useless in the area, says villagers.

They also alleged that officials concerned themselves are involved in illegal sand lifting to make some quick money.

The government should take stern action against the erring officials and curb sand mining at the earliest, demand officials.

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