Thursday, December 7, 2023

Aditya Sahu offers comfort to families of trapped laborers in Uttarkashi tunnel

Ranchi: Aditya Sahu, BJP Rajya Sabha MP, extended his heartfelt support to the families of three laborers from Khirabeda village, Ormanjhi block, who are currently trapped in a tunnel in Uttarkashi. Sahu visited the families to console them during this difficult time, assuring them that every possible effort is being made for the safe return of the trapped workers.

Nine individuals from Khirabeda village had ventured to Uttarakhand for labor work, and unfortunately, three of them became trapped in a tunnel during mining operations. The families of the trapped laborers are visibly distressed, with Diwali passing without celebration in their homes.

Aditya Sahu met with the families of the trapped laborers—Charku Bedia, Rajendra Bedia, and Shukam Bedia—and offered words of solace. He assured the families that all three laborers are safe in the tunnel and will soon be rescued, returning to their homes.

Sahu expressed disappointment that, even after more than four days since the incident, no representative or official from the state government had visited to provide support to the families of the laborers. He emphasized the need for prompt attention and assistance in such critical situations.

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