Sunday, March 26, 2023

Adhere to principles and value for success: UK Conservative Party Councilor to SDSM School students


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Jamshedpur, Dec 12:  “There are a few mantras for success I will share with you that have made me whatever I am today. One of them is the importance of time management that I continue to adhere to. Discipline is the key to success and therefore stick to the principles and values that make one a better human being in society. You should realize the importance of positive thinking and attitude that bring respect to individuals, optimism in life and introduce constructive changes that make one brighter and more successful,” observed UK Conservative Party Councilor, Sharad Kumar Jha while interacting with SDSM School for Excellence students of classes XI and XII on Monday, December 12 during a session entitled, ‘Student Motivation.’

UK Conservative Party Councilor, Sharad Kumar Jha is reputed as a professional with multi-dimensional skills universally. He mastery in various roles like Director of two companies, a prominent Public Relations Consultant, Business Development, Global Advisor for various organizations and a Conservative Diversity Champion. He has been Vice Chairman of Governors Primary Education and recipient of the 2022 Mithila Vibhuti Award from Darbhanga, Mithila Gaurav Samman from Madhubani, among other prestigious recognitions.

The UK Conservative Councilor will shortly be honoured with the Mithila Ratna Award in Tirupati and the Atal Samman Award in Delhi. His motivational speech to the students of senior classes of SDSM School of Excellence created an aura of confidence at the school auditorium. Sharad Kumar Jha is a winning Conservative Party Councilor Candidate for UK’s, department of the Planning Commission, Human Resource Management, Communications and Public Relations.  He is a Global Advisor, Mentor Regional Head and in the Board of Experts for various organizations. He is also a Trustee of Shree Jagannath Society in UK and the temple is one of the most beautiful and biggest temples in Europe.

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