Thursday, December 7, 2023

AB Construction overlooks DLC’s instructions, workers to agitate

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Jamshedpur, March 27: 50 contract workers supplied by labour supply firm, AB Construction and working in Tinplate Company of India have been denied their basic wage packages including PF and ESI contribution since a long time. When the matter was reported to the DLC, the official summoned AB Construction management representatives and directed them to clear the rightful and long pending demands of the contract workers. But the company has so far overlooked the Deputy labour Commissioner’s directives and it has been more than a month since the order had been given.

This information was given by Jharkhand Mazdoor Union central committee secretary Rajesh Samant. He said, “The contract firm, AB Construction has supplied 50 workers to the Tinplate Company. But the labour contractor is not paying the workers their basic facilities like PF and ESI contribution and neither is it providing them their pay slips. The Union had informed the DLC in writing about AB Construction’s dilly-dallying in making payments and the official had summoned the company owners and directed them to pay the dues of the 50 workers within one month. But that was more than one month agao and AB Construction has not heeded the directives of the DLC. The contract workers have been with the comp[any for 25 years.”

The affected workers have decided to launch an agitation. Rajesh Samant said that the DLC and the Jharkhand Chief Minister would be informed about the situation. If necessary, the workmen would take to the roads until there demands were met by AB Construction.

The contract workers held a meeting at the Golmuri Cable Town Maidan and and decided to launch an agitation immediately after Holi. Among those who were in the meeting included Rajesh Samant, Sudhakar Lohra, Pradip Karmakar, Budhram Soy, Chhote Sardar, Sonu Srivastav and the company’s contract workers.

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