Thursday, November 30, 2023

27 liquor shops auctioned through lottery process

Jamshedpur, March 26: Proposal of settlement (Bandobasti) of liquor shops in the district for the next financial year is being done through lottery process.

On Thursday during the second phase of auction 27 shops of 11 groups were settled. Of the 11 groups 13 people had submitted the application.

Of the 27 shops auctioned include 18 English, 2 Country liquor and 7 composite liquor shops. During the first phase of auction on March 16 lottery process were held for 70 shops of 25 groups. During the bandobasti DC Dr. Amitabh Kaushal, Assistant Excise Commissioner Arvind Kujur and ADC Sunil Kumar were present.

It may be noted that a total of 161 liquor shops are there in the district of which bandobasti of 97 shops has been done. During the first phase bandobasti of 70 shops were done while on Thursday 27 shops were auctioned.

Of the total 92 English shops 61 were auctioned of 54 country liquor 25 were auctioned while 11 composite shops of 15 have been auctioned till Thursday.

The bandobasti of left 64 shops will be auctioned on March 30. Government is receiving revenue of Rs 5 crore per month from the shops which have gone through lottery process.

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