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XLRI Jamshedpur: JP Morgan head underscores challenges ahead

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Jamshedpur, July 22: Gaurav Ahluwalia, managing director, Head Human Resources, Corporate Centers at J.P. Morgan addressed B-school students at the Fire Chat Interview organised by XLRI PGDM(GM).

The event began with an inaugural address by Imran Farookh, XLRI Jamshedpur, who welcomed the guest speaker, Gaurav Ahluwalia, and the GST members offered a bouquet.

Ahluwalia spoke about several issues and provided a great insight into the fire chat questions posed by the audience. He began discussing the qualities required to be a successful leader in any firm. Imran Farookh and Surbhi Sinha, the moderators of the event, queried

Ahluwalia on the challenges that he had faced in his professional experience to date, and he explained how tactfully he has been dealing with all his challenges and balancing his work and life by prioritizing his priorities. He was asked about his views on the demographic shifts in India and America. He added how JPMC welcomes recruitments from diversified roles and gels them together in its work culture. In further conversation with the batch, Gaurav emphasized how it is part and parcel of our life to operate in uncertainties, how JPMC has put on its sail smoothly through the deadly pandemic years, and its futuristic acceptance of opportunities and threats through uncertainties.

The session ended with a few questions from the audience on technological advancements and adaptations undertaken by the company. Gaurav put forth his end notes on the mission and vision of JPMC, throwing some light on its unbeatable journey and tailoring its way to a promising future in the upcoming years.

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