Friday, September 24, 2021

Water enters in low lying areas, intermittent rain throws life out of gear

Jamshedpur : Intermittent rain that has hit the city from last 24 hours has led to water clogging in the low-lying areas, adding to the woes of the people. Though the city has received less rainfall this year in compare to last year but still the areas located below the sea level are feeling the pinch. According to information areas like Mango, Jugsalai, Baghbera, Pardih have been worst hit. The city recorded 60 MM rainfall.

Many parts of Mango, Jugsalai are still under knee-deep water, making it difficult for people to move. Most of the roads are dotted with stalled vehicles, adding to the chaos. In some low lying areas several autos have been reported stranded in water.

However despite claims from the district administration, the situation in the city may get worse if steps are not taken to remove water clogging in several areas and take other preventive measures.

“Though irregular rains have made life difficult for the residents but still there has not been much flooding even in the low-lying areas. We are keeping a vigil look and are prepared to face any flood like situation,” said an officer of Mango Notified Area Committee.

He added that it is not about first rain or last rain. It is the amount of rainfall and timing of high tide. If there is a huge amount of rainfall coinciding with the high tide, it is beyond human control.

“There has been water logging since last night. People are finding it difficult to cross. Moreover last year’s situation is still a nightmare for us it is high time for the administration to take preventive measures before untoward incident take place,” said Bharat Mahato, a resident of Baghbera.

Several houses in the area of Kharkhairiver have been inundated with river water owing to the incessant rains for the last 48 hours. According to the reports, slums in the Baghbera, Shastrinagar, Jugsalai, Sonari among other areas that are prone to washout during monsoon season, are confronting problems. The district administration has confirmed about dozen odd houses in the low lying area in Baghbera that have been largely affected with the rise in the water level in Kharkhai river.

“As per our information about dozen odd houses in the low lying area in Baghbera have been affected with the rise in the water level of Kharkhai river,” said an official adding that efforts are on to evacuate the affected people to relief centers.

The city has turned into a motorists’ nightmare. Many roads are undergoing concretisation and pipeline is being laid in several areas like Jugsalai and Baghbera. As a result the motorists have faced hell during rains. Many motorists have found it difficult to distinguish between the road and the dug up place due to water clogging.

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