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Virtual classes reason for rise of CVS among youngsters: Shubham Singh

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Jamshedpur, May 27: A one day workshop on “Eye Care and Cure” was Organised at Srinath University by the School of Health and Allied Science. Shubham Singh, Operation  Manager at ASG Eye Hospital was the keynote speaker who, besides his interaction with the students and the faculty members observed,  “Among the various eye infections, Keratoconus is a silent disease that leads to deteriorating vision especially among youngsters but unfortunately they tend to ignore it. During the onset of the COVID waves, in particular, students had to attend virtual classes that were organized by educational institutions to ensure that syllabus courses continued. Undoubtedly, this process was a good and beneficial move for students of most educational institutions. But long hours on computer and mobile screens have accounted for Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) not only among students but also the teachers. In such cases, preventive measures are to be adopted.  Wear spectacles with anti-reflective, UV and Blue Ray coated lenses. These measures will avoid blurred vision and other afflictions of retina and cornea.”

The other members of ASG Eye Hospital team included Fahim Kazmi, Najmul Hassan, Md Imran, Anand Kumar and Gaurav Kumar. The Secretary of Srinath University, Gurudev Mahato was also present during the session.

After conclusion of the session, the ASG team conducted eye check up for students and faculty members till 2:30 pm.

Srinath University managing committee Secretary, Gurudev Mahato said, “this workshop was very important as after attending virtual classes during the pandemic period, students did face eye problems. The session was indeed very informative and naturally helpful for the faculty members and students.”

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