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Villagers up in arms against proposed garbage disposal plant near Jamshedpur

Himalayan Paths

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, May 29: In a show of solidarity, villagers from Khairbani Samutola came together to protest against the proposed waste disposal plant by four municipal bodies, including Jamshedpur. The villagers reached the District Commissioner’s (DC) office on Monday and handed over a memorandum expressing their strong opposition to the project.

The district administration had ordered a gram sabha, a village assembly, to be held at Samutola Primary School on Sunday, which was attended by administrative officials. During the meeting, the villagers unanimously rejected the proposal for the waste disposal plant. More than 20 villages participated in the gram sabha, with the chief and village head also present.

The proposed waste disposal plant was planned to be set up on 30.39 acres of land, but this decision was vehemently opposed by the villagers during the general meeting. The memorandum highlighted that, according to the Solid Waste Management Rules 2015, local bodies are only permitted to dispose of waste within their jurisdiction and not in rural areas. Khairbani falls entirely within a rural area, making the establishment of a waste disposal plant there unconstitutional. Additionally, it was argued that such a project would violate the constitutional powers of the Gram Sabha. The villagers urged the Deputy Commissioner to take immediate action to halt all progress on the project. They demanded that all works related to the waste disposal plant be stopped without delay. The memorandum serves as a testament to the unity and determination of the villagers to protect their environment and uphold their rights.

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