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SJSS plans traditional Rath Yatra celebration in Seraikela

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Seraikela, May 29: The Shri Jagannath Seva Samiti recently convened a meeting under the leadership of President Siddharth Shankar Singhdev to discuss the preparations for the upcoming Rath Yatra 2023. The meeting, held in Seraikela, resulted in unanimous decisions to celebrate the Rath Yatra in a traditional and enthusiastic manner, as done every year.

During the meeting, it was agreed that the Rath Yatra would be observed in Seraikela with great devotion and fervor. Following the Jagannath culture, the Dev Snan Purnima rituals have been scheduled for June 4th. On this auspicious day, Mahaprabhu would be offered various delectable sweet and sour dishes in a special worship ceremony, and the prasad would be distributed among the devotees.

Following the Dev Snan Purnima rituals, devotees will not have the opportunity to witness Mahaprabhu as Lord Jagannath will go into Annasar Griha for a period of 14 days. After the completion of the 14-day period, the observance committee has decided to celebrate the Netra Utsav with utmost joy and enthusiasm. On this day, special prayers would be offered to the three Deities—Lord Balabhadra, Mata Subhadra, and Mahaprabhu Shri Jagannath—accompanied by elaborate decorations and the distribution of prasad among the devotees.

The traditional Rath Yatra of Mahaprabhu is scheduled to commence on June 20th. To mark this grand occasion, the committee planned to adorn Mahaprabhu’s Bodo Daand, the pathway from Rath Chowk to Thana Chowk, with special decorations. Furthermore, a Rangoli competition would be organized for the women of the city in Bodo Daand and the committee would honor the successful participants. Several other decisions were made during the meeting to ensure the Rath Yatra is celebrated in a grand and memorable manner. Prominent attendees at the meeting included Badal Dubey, Chandrashekhar Kar, Sudip Patnaik, Chiranjeevi Mohapatra, Prashant Mohapatra, Lipu Mahanty, Rajesh Mishra, Badri Daroga, Ganesh Satpathy, Odia Organizer Dukhu Ram Sahu, Parshuram Kabi, Sumit Mohapatra, Rajeev Mohapatra, Priest Pandit Brahmanand Mohapatra, Sanu Sarangi, Debi Prasanna Sarangi, and all other devotees of Lord Jagannath.

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