Saturday, December 9, 2023

Venturing out unnecessarily with vehicles will invite trouble in Jamshedpur

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, March 25: The announcement of national lockdown for a period of three weeks starting Tuesday-Wednesday midnight has further tightened the �indoor� measures so-much-so that the police and district administration including the Transport Department have decided to impose heavy penalties on persons roaming around the city unnecessarily on two and four wheelers.

Not only will the vehicles of such persons be seized but heavy fines imposed.

Initially, the police were seen urging such people to adhere to the lockdown norms of staying indoors as protective measures against the coronavirus pandemic.

In spite of it all, people were seen aimlessly roaming around the streets in all the three districts of the Kolhan Region. People are not refraining from such health hazards.

The Transport department has now decided to act tough with such elements. Plans are afoot to impose a fine of Rs 10 thousand on such two and four wheeler riders, their licenses will be suspended and the registration of their vehicles will be cancelled.

The police are out on the roads and are urging people to remain indoors along with stern warnings.� For the time being, such people are being spoken to only but shortly, the penalties for aimless movement on vehicles will attract stiff penalties.

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