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VB Chinmaya students outshine other Jamshedpur schools in CBSE class 10

Jamshedpur, May 28: The CBSE Class X results were out on Saturday�afternoon bringing cheers among students, as many of them scored 10 cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

Overall, students in Jamshedpur were happy that for the sixth consecutive year there has been no cut-throat competition with marks and percentage unlike other boards like ICSE or the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC).

In majority of the schools here, girls outperformed the boys. Girls in most of the city schools have scored 9 to 10 CGPA. Vidya Bharti Chinmaya Vidhyalya topped the city with 36 students scoring 10 CGPA, followed by Jamshedpur Public School with maximum 25 students scoring 10 CGPA.

At St Mary�s English High School, 18 students hit the bull�s eye, while 13 students from DAV Public School, Bistupur, won the top honors.

“Students and even parents are getting used to the grading system gradually. More students in our school who has received 10 CGPAs this time,” said Vipin Sharma, principal, Vidya Bharati Chinmaya Vidyalaya.

Namita Agarwal, principal, Jamshedpur Public School, said, “I am very happy as 25 students of my school are with CGPA 10 and 37 students with 9 to 9.8. The overall results are good.��

Like last year, Class X CBSE students were given grades and the performance was calculated on the basis of CGPA instead of marks. The grading was at a band of 10, which meant students who scored anything between 91 and 100 received an A1 grade, with a grade point of 10. This was followed by A2, which means marks between 81 and 90 with a grade.

Students and schools almost waited for a week to learn about the CBSE Class X performances. The school-wise results were uploaded after�3 p.m. today.

CBSE started giving grades to its students since the last six years that does not allow students to compare themselves with others.

Students also expressed happiness over grading system. “Unlike other boards, CBSE has ended the rat race for marks. We are tension-free with grades and the competition of not performing well in marks. The grading system with the flexibility of appearing from school or the board is an advantage,” said Utsav Raj of Jamshedpur Public School, who scored 10 CGPA.

Though the board has decided to do away with the marks race but despite all efforts parents and students were busy trying to compare their performances with their counterparts. This only goes to show that craze for percentage still persists among students.

Students in Jamshedpur were overall happy that for the second year there has been no cut-throat competition with marks and percentage unlike other boards like ICSE or the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC).

Principals, however, say that they are happy with the results and that the grading system has made students relaxed as compared to the initial days.

�The grading system is a welcome move. It�s a stress reliever as the pressure over one or two marks is off our heads. There will be no crying over half a mark now,� said a teacher of Delhi Public School.

She said that though she was happy with the results since the grading system is good as there is a healthy competition among students now.

However the students may face trouble when they go admissions for at higher institutions. Since a student getting 91 percent and another getting 100 percent have been kept in the same category of A1.�

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