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‘Understand ‘PK’ context before commenting’

Kolkata, Jan 2 (IANS) With Aamir Khan-starrer “PK” facing protests from Hindu rightwing groups alleging that it defames Hindu religion, a religious leader Friday said one must first examine the context of the film before making accusations

“We must be very sensitive anyway in a right way, first of all, to not give any cause for such a controversy.

“Secondly, we must understand the context… maybe it wasn’t an insult at all. In what context those words were used… these must be clarified,” Archbishop of Calcutta Thomas D’Souza told IANS here but added he has not himself watched the film yet.

Producers, directors and actors as well as movie buffs were unanimous that the Hindi film no way hurt Hindu interests and that the protests were unacceptable as it had cleared the censors.

But the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) reiterated its demand that the film, one of the biggest hits from Bollywood, be banned or at least what it said were the offending parts be deleted immediately.

D’Souza was attending the “Sab Dharm Sammelan” at the Muslim Institute here where representatives of all major religions gathered to discuss the formation of a “Religion Parliament” that would deal with religious matters and controversies.

Quizzed on the debate surrounding “PK”, Shamim Ahmed, national president (India) and international convener, Human Rights Protection Association said religious leaders could watch the movie and decide for themselves.

“Let the religious leaders watch it and if they feel it is wrong then there should be prohibitions and if it is all right then it should be allowed to run,” said Ahmed.

Ahmed said controversies like ‘ghar wapsi’ should be ignored.

“We are not giving it any importance. Isko uchaalne ki zarurat nahi hai (there is no need to discuss it)… those who feel they are Hindus or Muslims in their heart will follow that religion,” he said.

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