Thursday, December 1, 2022

TMH Jamshedpur gets Diabetes Care Centre

Jamshedpur, November 14: A first-of-its-kind Diabetes Care Centre was inaugurated today at Tata Main Hospital on the occasion of ‘World Diabetes Day’.  The Centre will serve as a comprehensive solution for the holistic management of diabetes and related health problems to the citizens of Jamshedpur and neighbouring places. 

The Centre will bring all advanced diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for best management of diabetes and related health ailments.  It was inaugurated by Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel in the presence of other senior officials of Tata Steel, doctors of TMH and senior office-bearers of Tata Workers’ Union.

The Clinic will identify and initiate early care for diabetics for those at high potential of developing complications, and work towards mitigating the long-term effects of diabetes on various organs. While all clinical and diagnostic modalities will be provided under one roof, it will also ensure correct diet and lifestyle modifications needed for optimum diabetes care. This clinic will be led by Dr. Akash Panigrahi, a super-specialist endocrinologist.

There will be services of diabetes educator for counselling and using various diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, dietician for diet guidance and optometrist for assessment of the impact of the disease on the eye. It is equipped with latest biomedical technology for assessment of the impact of diabetes on the nerves, retina, cardiovascular system and specialized foot care.

Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel said “United Nations has designated November 14 as ‘World Diabetes Day’. The new Diabetes Centre at TMH will emerge as a comprehensive hub for overall management of Diabetes- not only in its treatment but also for its prevention through education and lifestyle modification. Patients in need will now have access to most advanced medicines, insulins, diabetes education and holistic diabetic care. Tata Steel and TMH will continue to work towards achieving the objective to serve the community in the best possible way. I congratulate team TMH for setting up this State-of-the-art Diabetes Care Centre”.


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