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TMH Cath Lab first in Bihar and Jharkhand to carry out EPS and RFA


Jamshedpur, Sept 3: Given the high expectations from such an advanced facility, it was desired that the operations go beyond simple diagnostic angiography to advanced procedures.

This is exactly how the Cath Lab has been delivering. In April itself a lady underwent successful angioplasty.

One month later she walked up to Vaishno Devi! From then till now, 360 interventional cardiology procedures have been carried out including 60 angioplasties.

In August a young officer was admitted with chest pain and within 2 hours he underwent successful procedure to remove the blood clot that was causing a heart attack and a stent was placed. The patient was discharged on the 5th day.

In August, a landmark procedure was carried out in the TMH Cath Lab – Electrophysiology study and radio frequency ablation (EPS and RFA). This procedure was carried out for the first time in TMH and in the states of Bihar and Jharkhand.

This is a significant achievement as while coronary angiography is carried out frequently by interventional cardiologists, most of the cath labs are not equipped to perform EPS/ RFA and special training is required.

The cath lab team entered into a new arena of cardiac care- EPS and RFA for arrhythmias. A 40 year old male was admitted to TMH on 24th August with palpitations.

He had experienced similar symptoms in the past that would start abruptly with very rapid heartbeats. As with similar patients in the past, emergency treatment was given to slow down the heart rate; some of them would require a shock with a defibrillator.

The admission ECG showed a heart rate of 200 beats per minute and suggested a short circuit in the cardiac conducting system. Though EP Lab was new to TMH, the doctor was trained in electrophysiology and an equipment installation team had come from Mumbai.

Three special wires were passed through the groin to study the intra cardiac ECG waves. The short circuit was identified and it was ablated by radiofrequency waves.

The whole procedure was done under local anesthesia and took about 30 minutes. The patient has a 99% chance of permanent cure from his disturbing symptom and need not be on any medication.

According to Lt. Gen. (Dr.) G. Ramdas, General Manager Medical Services, Tata Steel, “TMH joins an elite group of few cardiac centers in India to carry out EPS and RFA – such facilities will further strengthen the dedication of TMH for providing the best health care to the citizens of Jamshedpur and the State of Jharkhand.”

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