Friday, April 23, 2021

TEDx XLRI concludes successfully at XLRI

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Jamshedpur : XLRI Jamshedpur organised its second TEDx at its campus with around 100 guests in attendance. TED, a non-profit organization which stands for technology, entertainment and design, allows organizations in over 133 countries to hold events, in line with the company’s vision of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading.’

“The Road Less Travelled” was the theme for this second edition of the event to take place in Jamshedpur. The theme was chosen to encourage and motivate the attendees to take chances and explore different avenues when it came to career choices and also intended to bolster their determination to follow their passion. With the placement season on in B schools around the country, the topic appeared to strike a chord with the audience.

The first speaker for the day was Gopal Khanna, the first CIO of the state of Minnesota. He said “Every business is going digital and the impact of ideas has begun to transcend boundaries. Companies like Facebook and Flipkart are not only great innovations, they are changing the way we live.” He further added that “The world and the Universe is in your hands make something out of it.”

He was followed on stage by a person with a very contrasting background. Sandhya, an 18 year old aspiring criminologist, works as a part of Kranti that works toward women empowerment. Her talk emphasised the need for grit and perseverance while following your dreamsand she further shared her experiences when she stopped following the change and decided to be the change. It was a heartwarming talk and the audience responded with a standing ovation.

The next person on the stage was Prakash Iyer former director at Pepsico and he had the audience intrigued with a very interesting topic – “Leadership lessons from a Teabag”. As a person who had quit his well-paying job to follow his passion, his talk encouraged the students to discover the magic in making a difference. He ended his talk with the following words of wisdom “Looking back at your career you must not say I wish I had, you must rather say I’m glad”.

The final person in the first session of TEDxXLRI 2015 was Franz Gastler, co-founder of Yuwa foundation. Reminiscing on his decision to give up traditional careers and to set up a NGO to empower women in rural India through education using football as a motivation, he highlighted the satisfaction he got from following his passion. RinkiKumari , the captain of the football team who one day wants to become a divorce lawyer inspired the audience with her story of transforming from a rural girl to bronze medal winning captain in Spain.

The second session began with Sunil Khandbahale’s talk. He talked about leveraging technology to address the day to day problems of people and the difficulties faced along his path to make live translation of English into the vernacular languages.

The next speaker was Jyotsna Jagannathan, a qualified doctor who actually turned out a winner in the rat race before giving it all up and following her passion to become a Bharatanatyam dancer. Warning the people about the ill-effects of trying to fit in with the general consensus,she concluded with these words, “Insightful learning will guide you through the road less travelled and Inspiration helps one transcend the reality of the mundane and daily toil and achieve something great”.

AnujGosalia, founder of Terribly Tiny Tales was the next speaker and he could draw up on his experience of creating multiple startups. He said “As was the case with Terribly Tiny Tales, sometimes there is no road. You have to follow your guts and have the conviction and trust in your abilities to get the best in any situation”.

Piyush Mishra of the Gangs of Wasseypur Fame was the last guest for the day and he had the audience at the edge of their seats. His performance of some of his best songs was the highlight of the TEDx talk and it had the audience wanting for more.

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