Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Teachers share best practices at ‘Learning with Understanding’ workshop

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Jamshedpur, October 28: Jamshedpur Public School (JPS) in collaboration with Tata Business Excellence Group(TQMS) organised a workshop for teachers, on ‘Learning with Understanding’ at the school premises on Friday. The purpose of the workshop being ‘Sharing of Best Practices’ among schools in Jamshedpur, the workshop focused on two best practices.

The first being ‘Multidisciplinary approach to Project Work’, resource person for which was Namita Agarwal, Principal, Jamshedpur Public School along with a team of three teachers. Following a cross-curricular approach in schools in case of project work, ensures optimum utilization of student /teacher skills as well as knowledge through collaborative methods .

A team of teachers may formulate in-school, inter-subject projects. For example, schools can assign a maximum of 2 comprehensive group projects at each level, covering each of the five major subjects i.e. English , Hindi, Maths, Science, Social Sciences, A potential cure for compartmentalization is multidisciplinary learning, wherein the skills, knowledge, and modes of thinking are rejoined together to form whole projects.

The second area was ‘Mind Mapping’,the resource person for which was Sunita Sinha, Principal,Gulmohur High School along with Priti Sinha.

Mind Mapping taught the teachers on how to develop a topic in the classroom by gradually introducing concepts/characters in order to make learning simple and effective.

There were interesting activities for the teachers to enhance the effectiveness of the workshop.

The workshop was attended by the Principals and teachers from 21 schools in town. Deepali Mishra and Vidya Batlivala inaugurated the workshop.

Participating schools were KPS Burmamines, KPS- Mango, KPS- Kadma, KPS- NML, RMS Khutadih, RMS Balichela, Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir, ShikshaNiketan, AIWC Academy of Excellence, Baridih High School, Govind Vidyalaya, Kasidih High School, Vivek Vidyalaya, ChinmayaVidyalaya South Park, VidyaBharti Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Tarapore School, Agrico, J H Tarapore School, Jusco Schools, Gulmohar High School and Jamshedpur Public School.

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