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Tatas believe in creating culture of collaborating diverse thoughts in workspace: Air India CHRO


Tata Network Forum organises Ethics Conclave

Jamshedpur, March 21: Tata Network Forum (TNF) Eastern region chapter organised an Ethics Conclave.

A panel discussion on the theme “Respectful Workplace for an Inclusive Tomorrow” was held at the Beldih Club on this occasion. Avneesh Gupta, Vice President, Total Quality Management (TQM) &  Engineering & Projects (Engineering & Projects) Tata Steel, Manik Sharma, General Manager, Ethics, Tata Play, D B Sundara Ramam, Vice President, Raw Materials, Tata Steel, and Sandeep Kumar, Managing Director, Tata Steel Downstream Products Limited, were the key note speakers. The session was moderated by Monika Agarwal, Chief Ethics Counsellor, TSDPL.

TNF has been connecting group companies, to disseminate best practices and nurture the ONE-TATA philosophy. The year 2022 was a year of transition and adoption to the new normal following the COVID-19 outbreak. The theme of the year is Respectful Workplace for an inclusive tomorrow.

Shalini Sulakshana, Head Ethics, Tata Steel, welcomed the dignitaries who joined the conclave from different parts of the country.

Soni, Chief Ethics Counsellor, Tata Steel, set the context and talked about the significant contributors: collaboration, cross-learning, and confirmation. The Tata Group has always promoted a culture of respect and inclusion at its workplace, not only for its employees but for all its stakeholders. She shed light on Tata Steel’s various companies’ efforts to promote an ethical ecosystem. In our transformational journey, we are not only increasing our footprint in different geographies but also embracing people from diverse backgrounds. Through this mechanism, we are nurturing a culture of collaboration, inclusion, and respecting diverse thought processes for an inclusive tomorrow based on trust and mutual respect.

R Nanda, Chief Human Resource Officer, Tata Chemicals, talked about the best practices in ethics and emphasised upon the discussion of dilemmas. Ethics is not confined to a person or specific designation; rather, it should reflect on the three levels, from individual to manager to leadership level. Mr. Nanda also shared best practices on ethics deployment at Tata Chemicals.

 Suresh Tripathi, Chief Human Resource Officer, Air India, was the keynote speaker on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion,  Tripathi’s major thrust was on collaboration with quality and accountability and a respectful workplace that consists of both individuals and systems. He went on to say that “being on the right side” has now become the norm rather than the goal, and that we should not encourage that culture.

While speaking about the Respectful Workplace, he said, “Tata Group has always believed in creating a culture of collaboration and involving diverse thoughts in the work space.

Young engineers from different divisions of Tata Steel presented a very engaging and entertaining skit on the theme ‘respectful workplace,” with a very strong message on how respectful workplace creates a conducive, comfortable environment for the employees and also creates an encouraging atmosphere to enhance individual performance and organisational growth.

 Other dignitaries from Tata Steel and subsidiary organisation were also present during the event.

 The theme “Respectful Workplace for an Inclusive Tomorrow” for this ethics conclave was chosen keeping in mind the ambitious target of 25/25 to improve gender diversity and the inclusion of 25 percent women in the workforce by FY25. The theme goes beyond this forum and needs to be continuously strengthened by touching base with the employees, vendor partners, distributors, and the community at large through various initiatives throughout the year.

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