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Tata Steel UISL launches mass tree plantation drive at Ramnagar Park

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Jamshedpur, June 5: On the occasion of World Environment Day, Tata Steel UISL organised a mass tree plantation drive at Ramnagar Park in Kadma where 300 Teak saplings were planted by dignitaries and other luminaries of the steel city, Jamshedpur. The theme of the sapling plantation drive was ‘One Earth and together we can protect, revive and rejuvenate the environment.’

 The reason for planting Teak saplings was that a full-grown Teak tree could  absorb about 3.70lakh tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and collect dust particles of about 5.35gm/sq m of leaf surface, The teak plants/trees would  play an important role in Insect biodiversity, and soil conservation. Teak trees can act as biological filters, removing large number of airborne particles and thereby improving the quality of air in the environment.

Mamata Priyadarshi, DFO, Dhalbhum, was present on the occasion along with President, Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vijay Moonka, S P Singh of Senior Citizens’ Forum, all senior officials of team Tata Steel UISL along with Tarun Daga, Managing Director, Dhananjay Mishra, Deepak Kamath, V P Singh, Aman Chodha and Neeraj Singh.

Speaking on the occasion, the managing Director of Tata Steel UISL, Tarun Daga thanked all representatives of different segments of the community who were present on the occasion for their participation in the plantation drive at Ramnagar Park. He assured citizens that the company would do it’s best to conserve the green habitat of the city.

Mamta Priyadarshi, DFO, acknowledged the efforts of the company for organising the mass plantation drive at Ramnagar on World Environment Day. She spoke about the importance of plantation, protection and conservation of trees and on how important it was to take individual responsibility for the nurturing and protection of the saplings each planted. She also spoke on the theme of  ‘Only One Earth’ and why this theme was taken up after 50 years.

Ramnagar Park is spread over 4 acres with features like walkers’ track of 350 mts, Yoga platform, 2 high mast lights for illumination, eight garden benches, toilets and parking.  Tata Steel UISL has planned to plant a total of 500 Teak saplings along with 500 different varieties of palm trees and flower plants to enhance the aesthetics of the park. There will also be three-tier plantations with palms and flowering trees along the drain and the water from this drain will be utilised for irrigation at the park.

Tata Steel UISL, thanked the DFO and her team, members of the Press and Media, members of SCCI and Senior Citizens Forum members, officials of local administration, and officials of Tata Steel UISL who helped and organized Sunday’s Mass Plantation Drive.

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