Friday, December 9, 2022

Tata Power promotes collective farming for sustainable development

Jamshedpur: Tata Power’s Jojobera Plant, in collaboration with Green View Nursery, has taken an initiative to promote collective farming by bringing previously non-cultivable barren and fallow land under cultivation using drip irrigation techniques for water management. This consolidation has resulted in, 25 acres of land at three sites (Sarjamda,Khairboni and Haludboni) being put into profitable use.

Due to the programme the village of Sarjamda has increased its gross-cropped area to 11 acres of land, while the other two sites at Khairboni and Haludboni have increased their cultivable land to 14 acres.

As part of its efforts to promote the concept of collective farming among the community, Tata Power set up Farmer’s Interest Groups, and is supporting these groups by introducing them to the latest agronomic practices in farming. In Sarjamda, 11 farmers with small landholding on contiguous patch have been organised into a group and, currently, close to 11 acres of land has been brought under cultivation. The total land under this agriculture farming project including Khairboni (5.5 acre) and Haludboni (8 acre) are approximately 25 acres.

Supported by Green view Nursery the farmers have cultivated cauliflower, muskmelon, water melon, brinjals, and peas amongst other vegetables. In the first cycle of production, at Sarjamda , 17 tonnes of musk melon and 14 tonnes of water melon have been harvested and marketed, yielding a revenue of close to 3.62 lacs. In the second cycle 15 tonnes of brinjal/cucumber has been harvested and water melon has been sown in remaining 8 acres. The agricultural yield is divided in accordance to the proportion of land held by the individual farmers.

Moreover, the consolidation of fragmented landholdings and practice of collective farming has helped the farmers to reap in benefits that would help in developing a truly sustainable community. Women SHG members, formed by TPCDT in the same village, are being trained on vermi-compost and some of them are being engaged in harvesting and packaging of products resulting in gainful employment for them.

Tata Power’s collaboration with Green View Nursery aims to provide farmers with technical knowhow and buyback arrangements, it has also helped in the implementation of drip irrigation and organic manure, thereby, conserving water while increasing productivity. The initiative also promotes the benefits of intercropping and commercial farming with the use of best agricultural practices.

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