Thursday, March 30, 2023

Tata Pigments Jamshedpur employees to get 15% annual bonus


Jamshedpur, Sep 21: Employees of Tata Pigments Limited will get 15 percent bonus this year. Tata Pigments, a subsidiary of Tata Steel, signed a bonus agreement on Tuesday in the presence of senior management and union officials. Under the new agreement, employees will get a maximum bonus of Rs 51,287 and a minimum of Rs 36,211 for the financial year 2020-21. The company management will transfer the bonus money to the employees by the end of this week.

The bonus agreement of Tata Pigments Limited was signed by managing director UK Singh, Chief Construction Manager PKP Singh, Chief Human Resource Officer Yogesh Hebalkar, Finance and Accounts Head Dinesh Agarwal and Chief IDCM Pawan Kumar Mishra. At the same time, President Binod Singh, Vice President JK Singh, General Secretary Dinesh Tiwari, Assistant Secretary Kamlesh Sharma, Rajesh Sardar, Treasurer Rakesh Kumar Yadav signed on behalf of the union.

In view of a nationwide lockdown from April to June 2020 due to Covid 19, production at Tata Pigments was affected for three months. But the union negotiated with the company management and managed to get a respectable bonus to the employees. Union President Vinod Singh and General Secretary Dinesh Tiwari have appealed to all their employees to make good use of bonus money. 

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