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Tata Motors Jamshedpur inks 10.1 percent bonus agreement, 355 to be made permanent 

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Jamshedpur, September 18: Bonus agreement was signed at Tata Motors’ Jamshedpur plant on Monday.

There is going to be a record bonus this time at Tata Motors Jamshedpur plant. In the agreement reached between Tata Motors Management and Tata Motors Workers Union on Monday, it was decided that the bonus amount will be 10.1 percent.

Under this, minimum bonus will be Rs 43485 while maximum bonus will be Rs 57900.

This time maximum number of temporary workers will be made permanent. Nearly 355 temporary laborers will be made permanent.

The bonus amount will go along with this month’s salary.

In the annual bonus settlement, average bonus of Rs 43485 and maximum Rs 57900 will be distributed among approximately 5600 employees.

Similarly, Rs 13030 will be given as a gift to the employees covered under the superannuation scheme and about 200 employees who are under this scheme.

Apart from 350 temporary employees working in the company being made permanent, five nurses working in Tata Motors Hospital will be made permanent.

Temporary workers welcomed the workers union officials celebrating large number of temporary workers being made permanent.

The path to employment is also going to be clear for the children of employees who have done diploma.

On this occasion, advisor Praveen Singh said  as per the agreement, while on one hand they have succeeded in getting more bonus amount than last year, on the other hand the union has done the work of making a historically large number of permanent employees.

“The bonus amount will be exhausted in a month or two, but due to permanent of service the living and development of entire family improves.

They also informed that along with this, talks have been held with the management on many issues. Very soon the multi skill which was closed during the Covid period will be restarted. The children who have undergone FTA and TMST training will very soon be called into the company as By-six.

‘Framework for better placement of ward’s children’

On this occasion, chairman Gurmeet Singh said in his address said many things are still in progress with the management and a framework is being prepared to ensure better placement of laborers’ children in the future.

He said that discussions are at the final stage with the management regarding employment of the children who have completed diploma degree and permanent employment through apprenticeship to the registered children in the stipulated time. Many important schemes which are directly related to the interest of the workers were put on the table during this bonus talk and their final form will be given in a few days. In this way, they have made every effort to improve the life of our workers’ children and we will work to improve the coordination between the tradition and the need of the company.

Bonus disappointing: Harshvardhan

Describing the bonus agreement in Tata Motors as disappointing, Telco Workers Union official Harsh Vardhan said that the 10.1 percent bonus agreement is a fraud on the employees of Tata Motors.

He said that there is dissatisfaction among the employees regarding this bonus agreement. No employee is able to openly oppose the management due to fear. But internally there is dissatisfaction among the employees regarding this agreement.

He said that Tata Motors has made a profit of Rs 5000 crore.

“ After so many years, the company has given dividend to the shareholders. In such a situation, why injustice to the employees? Only 10.1 percent bonus is being given to the employees whose hard work brought a profit of Rs 5000 crore to the company,” he questioned.

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