Monday, January 30, 2023

Tata Motors Hospital receives healthy dose of fire protection

Jamshedpur, May 22: Life safety is extremely important in hospital environments due to the large majority of occupants who may not be able to fend for themselves in an evacuation situation.

Tata Motors Hospital at Jamshedpur offering quality and specialized care to its employees including those of associated Companies and neighborhood communities have put in place a comprehensive integrated system for firefighting, fire detection & alarm and an evacuation system for the occupants in case of emergency.

Facilities installed and commissioned include- Fire hydrant system that runs on 24×7 basis and protects the premises from outside as well as from inside.

This has its own dedicated fire water reservoir & pump house and can operate even in case of complete electrical power failure. The pump house has the facility to even refill the fire tenders in case of emergency.

Automatic sprinkler system in the basement that will get activated in case of breakout of fire. All wards, OPDs, offices, cabins etc. have been provided with intelligent addressable detectors that will get activated in case of fire and raise audio-visual alarms alerting the occupants.

Manual facility for raising alarms by occupants themselves has also been installed at strategic locations.

A Central fire control room has been created inside the Hospital premises that are also connected through LAN with the Main fire control room inside Tata Motors Works. 2 Nos. ramps capable of evacuation of occupants have been constructed connecting to all parts of the Hospital.

The ramps are designed to move patients on transfer trolleys, wheel chairs also and provided with roof, lighting and natural ventilation. The facility was inaugurated on Friday, May 22 by Ravindra Pisharody (Executive Director – Commercial Vehicles) in the presence of other dignitaries comprising of Prasann Chobe (Senior Vice President-Manufacturing CVBU), Gajendra Chandel (Chief Human Resources Officer), Dr. Ajit K Jindal (Head Engg-Commercial Vehicles), A B Lall (Head-Jamshedpur Plant), Chandrabhan Prasad, General Secretary TWU and other senior officers, union officials.

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