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Tata Main Hospital organizes workshop on parenting skills

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Jamshedpur, May 21: Department of Psychiatry, Tata Main Hospital on Saturday organized workshop on �towards positive parenting� for parents of children with teens and tweens on at TMH auditorium.

General manager Medical Services, Dr G. Ramdas welcomed the chief guest Ruchi Narendran and participants. He spoke about the significance of such programs in spreading awareness. Narendran appreciated the initiative taken by the Department of Psychiatry of TMH. She strongly recommended that such programs should be conducted frequently. The program was attended by around 100 parents.

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging job. Parents need support and encouragement in this valuable role. Everyone faces difficulties at some point or another. Enhancing parenting skills is an important part of improving a child’s behavior. Studies and clinical experience have shown that inappropriate handling of small problems with children become disorders at a later stage.

Dr. Agarwal explained on how to understand the cause of the problem behavior and how to work on changing the environment/ situation or the consequence which will result in lessening the behavioral issues in the child. He spoke about spending considerable time for your children and focus on bonding.

Parents should encourage the acceptable behaviors; appreciation and encouragement of positive behavior helps reducing unwanted behavior. He emphasized that discipline isn’t about punishing your child, but creating effective solutions that help teach them good behavioral tactics at home and in social situations. Various case vignettes from real life like technology overuse, relationship problems and exam stress were presented and discussed with participants as to how to deal effectively in such situations.

The Workshop was conducted to for parents who want to have a positive relationship with their teenagers. And who feel challenged by those times when children are demanding, disobedient, defiant and throw temper tantrums.

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