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Tata Hospital Nurses: Epitomes of compassion and care

Jamshedpur, May 11: Nurses serve as the link between doctors and patients and have played an important role in people’s rehabilitation and well being all around the world. Every year on May 12, International Nurses Day is commemorated to honour nurses. Now, because of the pandemic, International Nurses Day is more important than ever. Nurses Day coincides with the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. The theme for this year’s Nurses’ Day is “Nurses: A Voice to Lead-Invest in Nursing and respect rights to secure global health”

Caring for patients’ nurses at various Tata Steel Hospitals in Jharkhand and Odisha share their experiences.


It was a dream come true to get admission in the College of Nursing, Tata Main Hospital. During the course, me and my batchmates struggled hard to cope with new surroundings, people and the professional world. It was a tough call to stay away from family and friends for four years. I was facing difficulties in studying, due to a language barrier and am thankful to my Principal, Upama De, who helped me. She gave me regular lessons to bring me up to speed, to be a better student and a professional. I shall never forget her guidance.

Sunita Murmu

Staff Nurse, Meherbai Tata Memorial Hospital, Jamshedpur


The four-year course at the College of Nursing, TMH, has groomed me as a better individual. At Tata Steel Hospital, Joda, I got an excellent opportunity to learn new things and discover my potential. Being a nurse is not an easy task. Whether you are frustrated, exhausted or stressed, you must wear a smile while meeting a patient. Even when your back is hurting and your legs are giving way, I must make sure that my patient is comfortable. To be a good nurse one should have good knowledge, dexterous hands and empathy for others.

Ivy Sarah Thomas                                                                                                                       Tata Steel Hospital, Joda


Our life is like a journey towards a secret destination. It has been around 10 years in this profession and I can humbly say that I am a professional. Being a nurse is very challenging as we work for the well-being of the patients. I have seen my School of Nursing grow into a College of Nursing, extending its branches and strengthening its roots deeper and that make me swell with pride.

Sunayana Ranjan

Nursing Teacher, College of Nursing, Tata Main Hospital


Joining the field of Nursing was not a planned decision, but looking back, I realise it was the best one. I have worked in different hospitals and institutes for 21 years and each role has unfolded a different version and added many facets to my life as a nurse.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”- Maya Angelou

Nursing has given me the opportunity to live these words in my two-decade long career, be it as a bedside nurse, or as the Principal. I enjoy my work of shaping the foundation of future nurses as a responsible and accountable healthcare team member. It is very satisfying to observe the transformation that students undergo during the course.

Upama De

Principal of College of Nursing, Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur

Alka Dipti Lakra

In 2009, my father met with an accident and was admitted in RIMS hospital, Ranchi. I was so touched and impressed by the services of the doctors and nurses towards the sick that I decided to be a nurse. My initial days of training was difficult for me to adjust, but the words of my principal, “I know that you will do very well in this profession and I want to see you doing well”, kept me motivated.

Alka Dipti Lakra

Staff Nurse, TMH

Sudipto Horo

I joined College of Nursing, Tata Main Hospital, in the year 2018. Studying subjects like psychology, sociology, microbiology and nursing research helped me understand the core concept the human body processes and interconnection with our surroundings. My entire journey has been a good one and I can proudly say that I have a better understanding of life than my other friends. I am proud of myself that I chose nursing as a profession and aim to bring glory to this college.                                                                    

Sudipta Horo, 4th year Basic B.Sc. Nursing

College of Nursing, Tata Main Hospital

As a nurse, we treat everyone as our own. There are times when a patient is critical and in a lot of pain. I can assure you that every nurse gives more than 100% to her patients. My heart goes out to all those who could not survive, but on the other hand it makes me enormously happy to see patients recover. There is nothing more fulfilling for a nurse to see the patient return home.                                                                                                                 AncyMathew                                                                                             Nurse, Tata Central Hospital, West Bokaro

From day one, I have carried a passion and an excitement about this journey and even through the highs and lows, I have never gone off track. The 4 years duration of study has made me a confident professional and a positive human being. Nursing is in my blood and I  cannot imagine anything beyond it. Today at 41 years, I recall so many experiences which made a difference. Once a lady delivered at 26+ weeks of pregnancy and the foetus weighed only 750 gms. The hospital NICU team efforts helped th baby survive. I was proud to be the nurse in charge, leading that team. The hard work, hours and tears put into this course has been worth every second, to have achieved so much.                                                                                                

Swastika Das. Sr. Matron.                                                                                                                       

Tata Steel Hospital, Noamundi

Babita Behera

One of my memorable moments was during the COVID-19 duty for 24 days. During that period, my son who was about a year and a half, was suffering from high fever. It became a real challenge to carry on with my COVID-19 duty. Thinking of my professional ethics and the oath taken on being a nurse, I could not deny and ignore my call and have given my best care to all the patients. I thanked the Almighty, as my son got cured and there was no death of any patient during that time, for which I am grateful.                                                                  

Babita Behera                                                                                                                            Staff Nurse, Tata Steel Hospital, Joda

It has been fifteen years and I still feel the same energy, motivation and excitement to start my duty. Every patient needs specilaised care and I have always tried to give my best. I have got wonderful colleagues and seniors who are also very supportive. COVID-19 is now better understood, but in 2020, on my first day in the COVID-19 ward, my whole team was apprehensive meeting the patients. I received an 86-year-old critical patient who eventually responded to the treatment and stabilised. This made us see hope, positivity and gave us the strength to handle COVID-19 patients.  

Arunima Patra,

Sr. Nursing Sister, Tata Steel Hospital, Joda

One memorable moment during my paediatric ward duty was that a newborn was not crying after birth. I started resuscitation and the baby cried after 20 minutes. I initiated the prescribed treatment and referred the baby to the higher centre. After two days the baby was fine, making me immensely happy and content.       


Staff Nurse, Tata Steel Hospital, Joda

Dolan Saha

The life of a nurse is very different, we don different hats for different patients. For patients who are elderly, we are their daughters, for adolescents we become their sisters and for the small children, we are like mothers. As a nurse, I have seen the entire spectrum of emotions that patients go through. All I want to say is, every life is important for us and I will continue to serve the community as long as I can.

Dolan Saha

Nurse, Tata Central Hospital, Ghatotand

Pushpa Amrita Kumari

During my GNM training, we had to take care of all kind of patients. There have been times when I have cried on the demise of patients, but with time, it makes you mature and empathetic. Treating COVID-19 patients has been the biggest challenge of our lives. Wearing PPE for hours and looking after the patients was exhausting but it is our inherent nature to care and that is what keeps us motivated when the going get tough. If you are passionate about caring for others, nursing as a profession will be the most satisfying one.

Pushpa Amrita Kumari

Tata Central Hospital, Ghatotand

Tala Tudu

I am proud to be a nurse. A sick and helpless person comes to us with, carrying only a hope to recover and we try our best to live up to that hope. One such hope had come with a little angel named Rani, a 12-year-old cheerful and friendly girl, suffering from leukaemia.  With proper treatment and caregiving, her life expectancy gave her a second chance. She continued to visit me with her mother, days after her recovery and has left behind sweet memories.

Tala Tudu,

Sister-in-Charge, TMH


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