Friday, June 2, 2023

Tarapore School hosts choral recitation contest


Jamshedpur: The Annual Kg. choral recitation was organized at Tarapore School, Agrico on Friday. The judges for the same were Vineeta Krishnan, mentor in Primary level at Gulmohar High School, Meena Mehta, a teacher from Little Hearts School and S.Anju, an English teacher in Tarapore School.

The theme for the annual choral recitation was global and environmental conscientiousness and all the poems were based on this theme, giving the message to protect our environment.

It was a tough contest and the judges found it difficult to choose the winners, as all the classes spoke with a high level of perfection. The enthusiasm and joy of the students was evident in the programme. It gave immense satisfaction to the parents to see their children performing confidently on the stage.

The winners were: for choral recitation contest was team L.Kg. D for the poem �Earth Day�

Winner for English Choral Recitation was team H. Kg A for the poem �Earth is our home.� Winner for Hindi Choral Recitation was team H. Kg. A.

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