Friday, December 1, 2023

Swami Advaitananda Saraswati passes away

Jamshedpur, April 9: Sri Sri Sadguru Paramhans Swami Advaitananda Saraswati ji Maharaj achieved eternal transcendence and left for heavenly abode on 6th of April in Vijay Milan math (Bhadrasan) branch of Vrindavan .As the news of his demise spread, grieved followers from all over the world flocked in to bid adieu to the departed Master.

The mortals of Sri Sadguru Maharaj were kept for darshan for devotees till morning of 9th April. The whole atmosphere was enlightened with Vedic Chants and hymns.

The eternal body of Maharaj ji was given �Mahasamadhi�, amidst Vedic Chants by Swami Pragyanand Saraswati, Bhramchari Baikunth Chaiytanya, Sri Shambhoo Bandhopadyaya and Anant Chaiytanya. The divine moment of Mahasamadhi was witnessed and managed by Sadhavi Sukhada Chaiytanya, Dr. M.V.K.Rao, Sri Vipul, Sri Vidyasagar amongst thousands of his followers who gathered there with heavy hearts and profound grief.

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