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Suposhan Mela promotes safe food culture

Jamshedpur, Jan. 29: Centre For World Solidarity is organizing a fair on Safe Food in the name of “Suposhan Mela” on 29 and 30 January at Agrico Club House, Jamshedpur.

The main purpose behind this fair is to generate awareness among all categories of the community from rich to poor, from urban to rural about safe food. The initiative is covering all aspects of safe food by promoting Clean, Green, Fair Organic, Local and Indigenous food practices among all sections of the society.

This initiative is focuses on four major components under the promotion of safe food- promotion of organic food production and consumption, promotion of balanced and nutritional diet practices, practice of adulteration free food in daily diet system and promotion of uncultivated, local verities and naturally available food produces and glorifying the traditional recipes made up of these food produces.

On the above 4 components, theme based drawing, poster, recitation, essay and recipe competition for children as well as for women was organised.

This fair is the first initiative to reach to all stakeholders of the society to let them know about how safe their food is?

Surabhi Sharma, Campaign Coordinator, said, CWS will continue to organize more fair in coming future and will also come up with many other initiatives to sensitize all the stakeholders of the society and make this initiative to turn up as a mission.

The chief guest for the occasion was Rajkumar Singh, vice chairperson, Zila Parishad, East Singhbhum, special guests included Pintu Dutta Zila Parishad member East Singhbhum, Suraj Kumar DDC East Singhbhum, Dr. Agarwal child specialist and others.

The program is organized by Safe Food Team of Centre For World Solidarity which comprises of Valentine Denis, Program Coordinator, Surabhi Sharma Campaign Coordinator, Arnab Saha, PGS trainer, Anupam Ekka, Marketing Specialist, Monimoy Sinha Director JRC, Rajesh Kr. Jha, Joint Director, Mrs. Rajshree, Jagat and Kishor Rajak. Sushant Kumar hosted the event.

Centre For World Solidarity (CWS), a national level organization working in 6 Indian states along with Jharkhand is actively engaged in addressing issues relating to food and nutrition, safe food sustainable agriculture and other livelihood based activities for adivasi, dalits, women, children and other vulnerable communities.

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