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Students of Narbheram Hansraj English School promotes Swadeshi drinks

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Jamshedpur, April 12: Amidst scorching summer heat, Narbheram Hansraj English School ( NHES) spread awareness on fitness by promoting Swadeshi drinks on Wednesday.

The G. K Club of the Bistupur-based school highlighted the need of consumption of lime water and sattu during a campaign organised in today. About 21 students from classes IX and XII, all members of GK Club got together and distributed lime water and sattu sherbet to the passers by on the Bistupur Main Road. Paramita Roy Chaudhary, principal, Narbheran Hansraj English School inaugurated the drive.

The team led by Kathakali Ghosh and Edward Manuel both moderators of the GK Club bought 1500 lemons and 20 kg of sattu and 500 litres of water to promote the idea of healthy drinks and swadeshi concept. Students while distributing the drinks also educated people on why not to consume cold drinks and must prefer swadeshi drinks.

” We want to educate people against use of cola drinks that are carbonated beverages. They should consume homemade products to remain fit and healthy,” said a member of GK Club. The students said that drinks like green coconut water, sugarcane juice are already selling like hot cakes while summer fruits watermelon and cucumber besides sattoo are high on demand.

Health experts too advocate fruits claiming that these fruits, besides quenching the thirst are also good for health. These help control dehydration and fill the stomach. A senior physician Dr UK Srivastava said watermelon and green coconut not only provide carbohydrates but also control the body temperature during the scorching summer.

Particularly, gastric patients should prefer these to the aerated drinks, he added.

Mango shake, available in most of the shops, is the first choice of city students. The shake packed in soft-drinks� bottle is made of smashing mango slices. �The taste of mango with dry fruits is appetising,� said Deepak Agrawal.

When asked about other drinks preferred in summer, a passer-by says, �Mango lassi is the perfect thirst-quencher on a hot day. Sugar or honey can be added to it for extra sweetness.�

While the fruit juice and mango shakes are ruling the market, nimboo pani still has many followers. �Nimboo pani is the real relief during summer. It is like lemonade with an Indian twist,� says Prajesh, a class X student.

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