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Sohrai painting competition at Srinath University: Culture and tradition on multi-hued canvases

Himalayan Paths

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Oct 28: A Sohrai painting competition was organized at the  Srinath University campus. The occasion was Sohrai festival celebration. The participants included students from the Departments  of Education, Commerce and Management, Information Technology, Humanities, Engineering, Yoga and Naturopathy  and Fine Arts. Each stroke of brush on canvas depicted concepts of tradition and culture nurtured through time. The Sohrai paintings were eye openers to traditional concepts as translated from thoughts to languages of the paint brush.

The paintings were judged by the faculty of Srinath Public School, Bhaptosh Gorai. Assistant Professor and Cultural Cell In-charge Bina Mahto and Assistant Professor of the Department of Education Dr Bhavya Bhushan played leading roles in organizing the Sohrai painting competition.

“Sohrai Festival depicts the culture of Jharkhand. Cultural aspects, the vibrant heritage and social norms are frozen in colours on canvas. The paintings are reflections of concepts of the painters in depicting various angles of tradition that has been nurtured through time to assure continuity that will be handed down through generations,” observed Dr Bhavya Bhushan.

The top four winners including a tied third prize spot were Bonita Francis (First from Bachelor of Fine Arts), Neha Prasad (Second from the Department of Diploma of computer science) while Arti Kumari (from the Department of Education) and Nikita Kumari Singh (from Bachelor in English) jointly bagged the third spot.

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