Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sohrai Jatra enchants Ranchi: 12 Padhas illuminate Misir Gonda with traditional splendor

Ranchi: A vibrant and culturally rich one-day Sohrai Jatra unfolded on Saturday at Misir Gonda, Kanke Road, where the community members from 12 Padhas immersed themselves in the festivities donned in traditional attire. The heartwarming celebration featured the Khodha troupes, adorned in traditional costumes, showcasing their unique artistry through dance, music, and the accompaniment of melodious instruments.

The highlight of the event was the procession of Khodha groups, elegantly circumambulating the Jatra Khunta three times. Chief guests including Chief Pahan Jaglal Pahan, Dr. Ravindra Nath Bhagat, Dhumkudia Central President Sunil Toppo, former minister Ashok Bhagat, former member of Jharkhand State Agitation Commission Sunil Fakira Kachhap, Tribal Struggle Committee President Shiva Kachhap, and Lakshmi Narayan Munda graced the occasion with their presence.

Pahan Birsa Pahan, while addressing the gathering, shared insights into the Jatra’s origins, emphasizing the symbolic sacrifice of 12 cocks in Dev Khunta to commence the program. Social worker Krishna Oraon urged the younger generation to actively participate in preserving this cherished gift from their ancestors – the Jatra, a testament to their religion, culture, civilization, and heritage.

The Jatra procession saw Mahato Raja Sandeep Oraon, accompanied by Chalfa Dal and Kalasha Dal, riding a wooden horse in traditional costumes and musical instruments. Various Khoda teams, each led by enthusiastic leaders, presented a captivating spectacle, including the Khoda team from Jaipur led by Pinkal Gaadi, the Khoda team from Kathar Gonda led by Ravi Oraon, and the Khoda team from Konge-Jaipur led by Naresh Pahan, among others.

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